KWASU School Fees For Law Students

In this article, we’ll be looking at KWASU school fees for law students. So if you’re aspiring to study law at this prestigious institution and you have little or no knowledge about the school fees for law, then read this article to the end. While this article is primarily centered on providing the school fee structure for KWASU law students, we’ll also take some time to look at other vital information about the institution, which includes the law school, history, location, mission, and vision, among other essential information.

About KWASU Law School

The Faculty of Law at Kwara State University (KWASU) is a relatively young program known for its innovative approach to legal education and commitment to community engagement. Established a few years ago, it has gained recognition for offering two distinct undergraduate programs. The LL.B Common Law program provides a comprehensive understanding of the English common law system, while the LL.B Common and Islamic Law program uniquely combines common law principles with Islamic legal principles, making it a distinctive offering in Nigeria.

The faculty is organized into three established departments, each focusing on different aspects of legal education. The Department of Jurisprudence and Public Law emphasizes fundamental legal principles, constitutional law, and public international law. The Department of Business and Private Law covers areas such as commercial law, company law, and intellectual property law. Lastly, the Department of Islamic Law explores the foundations and applications of Islamic legal principles.

Despite its youth, the faculty boasts a team of professors, associate professors, senior lecturers, and lecturers with diverse expertise. This combination of innovative programs and a qualified faculty contributes to KWASU Law School’s growing reputation in the field of legal education.

The College of Law at Kwara State University, Malete, demonstrated its commitment to community service by organizing the inaugural Free Legal Services Week. From April 8th to 11th, 2019, the college offered complimentary legal services to both the University Community and the public. The first day of the program, held on campus, included free consultancy services and a legal talk titled “Importance of lawyers in our society,” benefiting KWASU staff and students

The KWASU Faculty of Law presents an exciting opportunity for students seeking a modern and innovative legal education. Its commitment to academic excellence, community engagement, and technological integration positions it well for the future. If you’re considering studying law in Nigeria and are attracted to a fresh and dynamic learning environment, KWASU’s Faculty of Law deserves your exploration.

Vision and Mission

The University’s mission is centered around becoming a pivotal force in a knowledge-driven society, aiming to cultivate human competency and determination with the aid of modern technology. The vision of the institution is to establish itself as a leading entity in advancing the boundaries of knowledge and fostering innovation. Through these guiding principles, the University aspires to play a key role in shaping a forward-thinking and innovative community.

KWASU School Fees For Law Students

The school fees for law students at KWASU vary based on the students’ indigeneship. Indigenous students (i.e., those originally from Kwara State) pay N153,000, while non-indigenous students pay N253,000. It is essential to note that acceptance fees and some additional charges are not included in the school fees. For more information, please visit the school fees section.

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