Ayra Starr Siblings and Biography

This article delves into the life of Nigerian singer Ayra Starr, exploring both her musical journey and her family background. If you’re curious about her siblings and other biographical details, keep reading!

Ayra Starr Biography

Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe, known professionally as Ayra Starr, is a rising star in Afrobeats. Born on June 14, 2002, in Cotonou, Benin, she is a Nigerian singer and songwriter.

Ayra Starr’s artistic journey began in fashion. At 16, she embarked on a modeling career with Quove Model Management. But music was her true calling. After captivating audiences with covers of popular artists on Instagram, she released her first original song in December 2019. This caught the eye of the influential record executive Don Jazzy, who signed her to his esteemed label Mavin Records.

Early Success

Ayra Starr’s career skyrocketed in early 2021 with the release of her self-titled debut EP. The project featured the hit track “Away,” which dominated the charts for two weeks straight, reaching number four on Nigeria’s TurnTable Top 50 chart. “Away” even achieved international recognition, peaking at number 17 on the Billboard Top Triller Global chart. This success paved the way for her critically acclaimed full-length album, “19 & Dangerous,” released later in 2021.

Blending Afropop and R&B influences, “19 & Dangerous” spawned two more chart-topping hits in Nigeria. The lead single, “Bloody Samaritan,” made history by becoming the first solo song by a female artist to reach number one on the Top 50 chart.  Starr’s talent didn’t go unnoticed internationally; she debuted on Pandora’s Predictions chart and reached number three on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart on August 28th, 2021.

Global Recognition

Ayra Starr’s global recognition reached new heights in 2022 with the release of her song “Rush.” The track transcended borders, charting in various territories including Switzerland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, where it peaked at an impressive number 24. “Rush” not only solidified her international success but also secured her first nomination at the prestigious 66th Annual Grammy Awards for Best African Music Performance.

With that song, Starr became the youngest African Female Artist to surpass 100 Million views on a single video on YouTube, and also the first to do so within a period of five months.

Early Life

Born Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe, Ayra Starr later moved to Lagos, Nigeria, where she identifies with her Nigerian heritage and Yoruba ethnicity.  Frequent relocations due to her father’s business during her high school years made it challenging for her to form close friendships.

Music, however, provided a constant source of comfort and inspiration. Raised in a musically inclined family, her passion for singing blossomed early. By the age of 10, she participated in her high school choir and began collaborating with her brother on songwriting. Ayra Starr pursued higher education at Les Cours Sonou University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Political Science.

College wasn’t without its challenges. Starr faced bullying from classmates regarding her age and appearance. To find solace, she turned to music with even greater dedication. “Nicki Minaj was my inspiration,” she once said, “listening to her on the way to school made me feel empowered.”  Ayra Starr’s musical aspirations were nurtured by her supportive mother, who consistently encouraged her to pursue a singing career.

Ayra Starr’s Siblings

Ayra Starr shares a close bond with her siblings. Notably, she and her brothers, Dami and Ade, entered university together, making them some of the youngest students there. This shared experience likely strengthened their connection.

Music runs deep in the Aderibigbe family. Ayra wasn’t the only one drawn to the stage. As children, they formed a band and participated in music competitions, fostering their love for music from a young age. This shared passion continues to influence their lives in different ways.

Here’s a quick introduction to Ayra Starr’s siblings:

Dami Aderibigbe

Dami Aderibigbe, a guitarist, songwriter, and producer, played a crucial role in sparking Ayra Starr’s musical passion. Two years older than Ayra, Dami is believed to be the eldest sibling.  He reportedly co-wrote some of Ayra’s early songs, significantly influencing her musical direction. Their shared love for music began long before Ayra’s rise to fame.

Dami’s talent for music likely predates Ayra’s own journey.  Their sibling bond remains strong despite their individual successes. It’s important to note that Ayra’s achievements are a result of her own talent, hard work, and the support of her entire family, not solely due to one person.  Dami undoubtedly served as a source of inspiration and encouragement, but Ayra’s own determination has propelled her career.

Ade Aderibigbe

Ayra Starr’s younger brother, Ade Aderibigbe (born 2004), is two years her junior. Like their siblings, Ade has been a pillar of support for Ayra’s musical aspirations. In an interview, he jokingly admitted that while they initially encouraged her singing, it eventually became a constant presence!  Despite the lighthearted comment, Ade actively participated in their childhood band, demonstrating his own artistic side.

Following a different path, Ade has carved his own niche. He goes by the moniker Bushboy Marcaveli (Bushboy Marc) and is the founder of Bushboy Films, a production company. The company has worked on numerous music videos, including some for his talented sister.

Jesutunmise Aderibigbe

Jesutunmise Aderibigbe, the youngest of the four siblings, completes the musical Aderibigbe family.  She actively participated in their childhood band, showcasing her own love for music and supporting her sister’s talent.  Jesutunmise’s dedication even extended to appearing in some of Ayra’s music videos and clips.

Beyond music, Jesutunmise is known for her presence on TikTok under the username Saltiana. While details about her other endeavors aren’t publicly available, it’s clear that family holds a special place in her heart – she’s fiercely protective of her siblings. In a past TikTok post, Saltiana addressed online negativity suggesting Ayra was the only successful sibling, shutting down the rumors with clear support for her family.

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