How Much Is TRCN Certificate

In this article, we will explore the cost of the TRCN Certificate. If you’ve been seeking to understand how much obtaining the TRCN certificate entails, then this article is tailored for you.

While the main focus of this article is to provide information on the cost of the TRCN Certificate, we will also delve into other essential aspects of TRCN, including the benefits of holding the certificate, among other relevant details.

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) is a professional regulatory body established in 1993 by the Federal Government to oversee the education and professional development of teachers in the country. Its primary objective is to improve the quality of education by ensuring that teachers are properly trained, qualified, and registered. The TRCN maintains a register of qualified teachers, sets standards for teaching, and promotes professional development among educators.

The establishment of TRCN aims to regulate entry and exit requirements into and out of the teaching profession, ensuring that only qualified and competent individuals enter and remain in the field. By doing so, the council seeks to enhance the status and welfare of teachers in Nigeria. TRCN also plays a crucial role in promoting and enforcing professional ethics and standards among teachers, fostering a sense of accountability for their performance in the classroom.

TRCN’s key objectives include promoting professionalism and quality in the teaching profession, regulating entry and exit requirements, ensuring the competence of teachers, enhancing their status and welfare, maintaining a register of qualified teachers, and promoting and enforcing professional ethics and standards within the teaching community in Nigeria.

How Much Is TRCN Certificate?

The cost of the TRCN Certificate varies based on the degree level, with different fees for various educational qualifications. For PhD holders, the fee is ₦10,000, while Master’s degree holders are required to pay ₦8,000. Bachelor degree holders incur a fee of ₦6,000, and those with a National Certificate in Education (NCE) are charged ₦3,000.

It’s crucial to distinguish between the TRCN Certificate and License, as they serve different purposes. The mentioned fees are specifically for the TRCN Certificate. Additionally, to obtain a License, an amount of ₦9,000 is required. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the TRCN License needs to be renewed every three years.

How To Obtain Your (TRCN) Certificate

To obtain your TRCN (Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria) certificate, it’s crucial to follow a systematic process:

Firstly, ensure that you have registered for the TRCN exam, sat for it, and successfully passed to be eligible for the certificate. Once you’ve confirmed your passing status:

  • Make the Payment: Pay the required fee for the TRCN certificate into a Federal Government account via REMITA. Be cautious not to deposit funds into any personal or business account, and ensure that you have genuinely passed the exam as there are no refunds.
  • Visit TRCN Office: Return to the office where you initially registered for the exam. Submit your proof of payment (teller or receipt) along with your school certificate and 2-3 passport photographs.
  • Fill Another Form: Complete a new form during this visit. It’s crucial to accurately spell and arrange your names on this form, as this information will be precisely printed on your certificate, and corrections are challenging.

  • Submit the form, along with your receipt and other required documents. Your certificate should be ready within a month or two after completing these steps.

By following these outlined procedures, you can efficiently collect your TRCN certificate after successfully passing the examination.

Before concluding, it’s crucial to clarify that the TRCN Certificate is distinct from the Oath of Allegiance. Despite both typically being administered on induction day, many individuals often confuse them as the same thing. The truth is that they serve different purposes. Teachers’ Oath of Allegiance is administered before the issuance of the original Certificate of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) on induction day.

Below are pictures of the TRCN Certificate and Oath of Allegiance.

Benefits of TRCN Certificate

Obtaining a TRCN (Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria) certificate comes with various benefits:

  • Private Schools: Many prominent international private schools, if not all, consider the TRCN certificate as an additional advantage in their hiring requirements. Possessing this certification enhances your profile when seeking employment in such institutions.
  • Government Schools: For individuals aspiring to work in Federal or State government teaching positions, the TRCN certificate is a compulsory requirement. It serves as a vital credential for securing jobs in the public education sector.
  • UK Teaching Jobs: Since February 2023, the United Kingdom has officially recognized the TRCN, allowing for its immediate conversion into their Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). This recognition opens doors for educators, as obtaining QTS with a TRCN certificate significantly improves the chances of securing teaching jobs in the UK.

Having a TRCN certificate not only enhances prospects in big private schools and government teaching positions in Nigeria but also extends its influence internationally, particularly in the United Kingdom, where it facilitates easier entry into the teaching profession. If you haven’t obtained your TRCN certificate yet, it may be a valuable step to consider for broadening your career opportunities.

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