Adeleke University School Fees For Law Students

In this article, we will explore Adeleke University School Fees for Law Students. If you’re aspiring to study Law at the institution and lack information on the school fees, this article is for you. Read to the end. While the primary focus is on the school fees structure for law students at Adeleke University, we will also delve into other essential information about the institution, including the law faculty, its history, location, mission, and vision, among other aspects.

About Adeleke University Faculty of Law

Established in the 2014/2015 academic session, Adeleke University’s Faculty of Law serves as a hub for academic activities, specifically geared towards preparing students for degree programs in Law. Housed in a strategically located three-floor, four-wing complex near the University’s Senate Building and essential facilities, the Faculty offers the LLB (Law) Degree program. For administrative efficiency, it is currently organized into two departments: the Department of Private and Property Law (PPL) and the Department of Public Law (PUL).

Emphasizing thoughtful planning, assessment, and review of LL.B degree coursework, the Faculty has a tradition of providing collections, instructions, and research support for law students. This extends not only to its own students but also to those in other faculties within the University, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment for legal education.

The Faculty of Law at Adeleke University is distinguished by its three-fold influence on the community, national, and international levels. Striving to be exceptional, the faculty has established a Clinical Legal Education and Research System, emphasizing values such as equity, social justice, excellence, and character reformation. Through the engagement of experienced legal experts and exposure to real-life legal practices, the faculty produces adept legal practitioners prepared for a post-military civil society, utilizing ICT and international collaborations.

Recognizing that the law is a tool for social control, the faculty acknowledges the importance of building peace in conjunction with resolving social conflicts. It emphasizes the role of law in preventing, managing, and resolving conflicts, maintaining peace among nations, governments, and communities. In the contemporary era of advanced technology and potential global threats, the integration of conflict and peace studies into legal education becomes crucial. The faculty believes that such studies are indispensable for fulfilling the primary purpose of law in human society.

Adeleke University’s Law program is founded on the pursuit of truth and the commitment to preserve, advance, and transmit knowledge. The program aims to deliver high-quality general and professional education, preparing individuals for dedicated service to humanity. With a focus on enriching and enhancing legal study and practice, the Law program is designed to operate within the context of a dynamic socio-political environment, addressing national and global trends and challenges.

The primary emphasis of the program is to foster an environment that cultivates intellectual rigor, analytical and critical engagement, and upholds profound ethical standards. Ultimately, the goal is to produce law graduates who are well-equipped to actively participate in and compete in legal, social, economic, and political developments on a global scale.

Mission and Vision

The mission of Adeleke University’s Faculty of Law is to impart and uphold a robust general knowledge of law, fostering a clear understanding of law’s significance in both Nigerian society and the global context. The vision for the law program is grounded in the credit units system, aiming to provide a qualitative liberal legal education of international standard. This education is designed to be on par with advanced Western legal systems while remaining pertinent to the specific needs of Nigeria and the broader African society. Law graduates are intended to be well-prepared for advanced studies in the Law Faculties of common law countries.

Adeleke University School Fees For Law Students

Adeleke University’s school fees for law students vary based on their academic level. For level 100, the fee is N2,120,070. Students in levels 200 to 400 pay N1,941,570, and those in level 500 pay N2,051,570.

It’s important to note that the school fees can be paid in installments. For level 100, students can pay part of the total amount, N1,115,535, and balance it with N1,004,535 in the second semester. Levels 200 to 400 pay N987,035 and N954,535 for the second semester, respectively. Level 500 students pay N1,032,035 and N1,019,535 in the second semester.

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