Kaduna State Teachers Recruitment: How To Apply 

In this piece, we will delve into the Kaduna State Teachers Recruitment, exploring essential details like the application process and eligibility requirements. The Kaduna State Teachers’ Service Board invites applications from eligible individuals interested in pursuing a career in teaching, encouraging them to apply for teaching positions in public secondary schools within Kaduna State.

Application Requirements

To be eligible for recruitment into the Kaduna State Teachers’ Service Board, applicants must meet specific criteria. First and foremost, they should hold a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher National Diploma from a recognized institution. Additionally, candidates must not exceed 50 years of age and must possess the NYSC Discharge or Exemption Certificate.

Applicants with advanced qualifications, such as Master’s Degree or Ph.D., are also welcome to apply. It’s crucial that candidates express their readiness and willingness to be deployed to any part of the state. Having teaching qualifications and certified computer knowledge is considered an advantage, and individuals with skills for research and innovation to support digital learning in the state are particularly encouraged to apply.

In essence, the application requirements focus on educational qualifications, age limit, NYSC status, and the flexibility to work anywhere in the state. Possessing teaching qualifications, computer proficiency, and a penchant for research and innovation further enhance an applicant’s suitability for the role.

Requirements for Interview

Candidates who have successfully completed and passed the Computer Based Test as part of the application process are now required to prepare for the interview stage. It is essential for these applicants to check the date of their interviews and ensure they bring all their original credentials. The crucial documents include the Birth Certificate or Declaration of Age, Primary School Leaving Certificate, Secondary School Certificate, Higher Institution Certificate, NYSC Certificate, Indigenization Document, TRCN Certificate (for registered individuals), Letter of Employment (for those with teaching experience), Computer Certificate (if applicable), and any other relevant documentation.

For those invited to the interview, adherence to specific guidelines is paramount. The passport submitted must be colored, clear, and recent. It should distinctly display the applicant’s face and be uploaded properly without any rotation. These instructions are crucial to ensuring a smooth and accurate evaluation process during the interview stage. However, candidates should meticulously gather and present their original credentials as outlined, following the stipulated guidelines for the interview process.

Application Process

The application process for the Kaduna State Teachers’ Service Board involves straightforward steps to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for applicants.

  • Step 1 requires candidates to register or sign up by completing the registration form on www.tsbrecruitment.com.
  • Moving on to Step 2, applicants should log into the portal using their email as the username and password as “password.” Here, they need to update their Bio-Data, upload a passport photo, include academic, professional, and teaching qualifications, and add details about their skills and work experience. If applicable, candidates should include their TRCN No. After entering all necessary information, it’s crucial to verify details before the final submission.
  • Upon final submission, an Application Number will be issued, and applicants should print the Acknowledgment/Final Slip for reference.

An important note addresses challenges related to email verification. Those facing difficulties should use their phone number as a password to log in and continue the process. For individuals who received a password via email during sign-up, that should be used. In case of a forgotten password, there’s an option to click the Reset Password Button, fill out the form accurately, and change the password accordingly. These measures ensure a seamless application process, providing alternatives for potential verification challenges.

For more information about Kaduna State Teachers Recruitment, visit: https://subeb.kdsg.gov.ng/

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