Does NNPC Accept Corpers

In this article, we’ll address the query: Does NNPC accept Corpers? Many Corpers are keen to know if the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) allows Corps members to serve in their organization, and this article aims to provide that information. Before delving into that, let’s first explore an overview of the institution, encompassing its history, functions, and other essential details as the Primary Place of Assignment for Corpers.

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

The NNPC, originally a government-owned corporation, transitioned into a limited liability company in July 2022. Operating for profit, NNPC Limited is the sole licensed entity for Nigeria’s petroleum industry, collaborating with foreign oil companies to tap into the nation’s fossil fuel resources.

Organizational Structure

The NNPC operates through its Strategic Business and Corporate Services Units (SBUs/CSUs) situated in various locations across Nigeria. The organizational structure includes the NNPC Board, the group managing director’s office, and five directorates, each led by an executive vice president (EVP). These directorates oversee divisions, managed by chiefs, and subsidiary companies led by managing directors.

The recruitment initiative by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation has been an annual program since its inception. The NNPC Group’s structure is further characterized by its subsidiaries, two partly owned subsidiaries, and 16 associated companies. 

Duties of NNPC Limited

  • Exploring, prospecting for, working, winning, acquiring, possessing, and disposing of petroleum.
  • Refining, treating, processing, and engaging in the handling of petroleum for the manufacture and production of petroleum products and derivatives.
  • Purchasing and marketing petroleum, its products, and by-products.
  • Providing and operating pipelines, tanker-ships, or other facilities for the carriage or conveyance of crude oil, natural gas, and their products and derivatives, as well as water and other liquids or commodities related to the Corporation’s operations.
  • Constructing, equipping, and maintaining tank farms and other facilities for the handling and treatment of petroleum and its products and derivatives.
  • Conducting research related to petroleum or its derivatives and promoting activities to utilize the results of such research.
  • Executing actions necessary to fulfill agreements made by the Federal Government, facilitating the Government’s or the Corporation’s participation in petroleum-related activities.
  • Participating in activities that contribute to the enhancement of the petroleum industry for the overall benefit of Nigeria.
  • Undertaking any other activities deemed necessary or expedient to fully implement the provisions of the relevant Act.

Does NNPC Accept Corpers?

Yes, NNPC does accept Corpers posted to its establishments. However, it’s important to note that acceptance is not guaranteed for all Corpers assigned to the corporation. Typically, those with disciplines related to NNPC and its operations have a higher chance of acceptance, and only a limited number are retained after their service. Corpers aspiring to serve at NNPC should exert extra effort, as it’s relatively easier to get posted but not necessarily easy to secure acceptance.

Corpers are drawn to NNPC and other oil and gas establishments due to their status as some of the highest paying Primary Places of Assignment (PPAs) in Nigeria. Those posted to NNPC in Abuja, for example, receive a monthly stipend of N50,000 or more, in addition to the federal government allowance of N33,000.

NNPC establishments are located in various states across Nigeria. Corpers are advised to research and find out the specific locations in their state of service and proceed to apply accordingly.”

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