Oil Companies That Accept Corpers in Lagos

In this article, we’ll explore oil companies that accept Corpers in Lagos. If you’re a Corper or a prospective Corps member seeking oil companies that accept Corpers in Lagos State, then this article is written for you. Read to the end.

Oil Companies That Accept Corpers in Lagos (Top List)

In this section, we’ll be looking at a list of some of the oil companies that accept Corpers in Lagos. Oil companies have become one of the highest paying PPAs for Corpers. This is why many Corpers are rushing to serve in companies, just like Chevron, Shell, etc., in their respective posted states by NYSC. However, without much ado, let’s look at the list of oil companies that accept Corpers in Lagos.

  • African Petroleum Plc
  • Capital Oil Plc
  • Nestoil
  • Conoil Plc
  • Honeywell Oil and Gas Limited
  • Oando Group
  • Masters Energy Oil & Gas Ltd.
  • Lubcon Limited Oil and Gas
  • Texaco Nig Ltd.
  • Tudaka Petroleum & Gas Co., Ltd.
  • Zenon Petroleum and Gas
  • Amazon Energy
  • Ariosh Limited
  • Cakasa (Nig) Company Ltd.
  • Crestville Engineering and Technology Company Ltd.
  • DeltaAfrik Engineering Limited
  • Geolynx Ltd.
  • Linkso
  • Sabbyn Ltd.
  • Sigmund Engineering Company Limited
  • Denver Petroleum Services
  • Flameshield Equipment Engineering Limited
  • John Holt Fire Protection (Angus)
  • Seplat Petroleum Development Company
  • Safety Engineering & Fire Consultants (Nig) Ltd.
  • Bilfinger Berger Gas and Oil Services Nigeria Ltd.
  • Pinnacle Oil & Gas Limited
  • Noble Drilling Nigeria Ltd.
  • Onyx Energy Services Limited
  • Suffolk Petroleum Services Ltd.
  • Addax Petroleum Development Company Ltd.
  • Amni International Petroleum Development Company
  • Atlas Petroleum International Limited
  • Cavendish Petroleum Nigeria Limited
  • Conoco Energy Nigeria Ltd.
  • Dubri Oil Company Ltd.
  • Excel Energy Services
  • Famfa Oil Limited
  • Hudson Petroleum Limited
  • Obat Oil and Petroleum
  • Statoil (Nigeria) Ltd.
  • Total Nigeria Plc
  • Next Energy

The list shows some oil companies in Lagos that accept corps members (corpers) for their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). Remember, it’s not all of them – there are more. You’re to do research to find where they’re located in Lagos.

If you’re a corper not in Lagos, finding an oil company to serve might be tough. Lagos has a lot of these companies compared to other states.

As a corper aspiring to serve in an oil company, you’ll need to put in extra effort and make the necessary connections. To land a spot in an oil company, you’ll have to network and seek help from trusted people. It’s Nigeria, and these opportunities don’t come easy.

If you find yourself posted to a place you don’t like during your National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), there’s an option. You can ask them to reject you. Once rejected, you can try your luck with oil companies. Write them an application letter explaining you’re a corper and expressing your interest in serving with them. It’s a chance—if they accept you, great; if not, accept your fate.

It’s crucial to note that oil companies usually prefer corpers whose studies align with their needs. So, if your course is unrelated to their operations, like linguistics or library science, the chances are slim. Stay informed because some oil companies usually announce job openings specifically for corpers.

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