LASU Cut Off Mark For Nursing

In this article, we’ll be looking at the Lagos State University cut-off mark for nursing. If you’re aspiring to study at this prestigious institution and have little or no idea about their cut-off mark, then this article is for you. It’s important to read to the end. However, while this article is primarily centered on providing information on LASU cut-off mark for nursing, we’ll also explore other vital details about the institution, its nursing school, and additional information that may be helpful to aspirants.

About LASU Department of Nursing

The LASU Department of Nursing operates within the Faculty of Clinical Sciences at the Lagos State University College of Medicine (LASUCOM), which was established in 2003 after the commissioning of LASUCOM in 1999. This faculty, housed in the “Glass House,” accommodates not only the Nursing Department but also eight other departments, including Anesthesia, Behavioural Medicine, Community Health and Primary Health Care, Surgery, Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and Paediatrics & Child Health.

Recognized as a leader in cutting-edge research and educational innovation, the Department of Nursing at LASU is at the forefront of transforming healthcare both presently and in the future. The department is committed to delivering an excellent academic program with a focus on research innovation. Its primary goal is to advance Nursing Science education and prepare highly skilled clinicians who can offer evidence-based nursing care and demonstrate transformational leadership within interdisciplinary teams.

The mission of the program, as outlined by the institution, revolves around meeting the evolving needs of the healthcare system. The department aims to achieve this by providing exceptional academic programs, fostering research innovation, and preparing clinicians who will contribute to evidence-based nursing care and transformational leadership. Ultimately, the department strives to make a positive impact on health, both nationally and globally.

The Department of Nursing program at the Lagos State University College of Medicine (LASUCOM) gained approval from the LASU Senate during the 2009/2010 session. The primary objective of this program is to equip graduate nurses with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the high-quality healthcare demands of Lagos State, Nigeria, and the global community. Additionally, it aims to prepare professionals for careers in academics and research.

On November 4, 2021, LASUCOM celebrated a significant milestone by inducting its pioneer set of “Quintessential Nurses” into the esteemed nursing profession. This marked a noteworthy achievement for the department and the college as a whole.

A momentous occasion unfolded on June 6, 2023, as LASUCOM conducted the induction ceremony for the third set of graduating nursing students. The event, held at the College Auditorium, symbolized a significant milestone in the journey of 31 new nurses. The ceremony garnered the presence and support of State Officials, University Management, esteemed faculty members, healthcare professionals, and families of the inductees. 

What is LASU Cut Off Mark For Nursing?

Generally, the JAMB Cut Off mark to study Nursing in LASU is 270. Your screening aggregate should be above 80%.

It’s important to note that LASU doesn’t have a precise departmental cut-off mark; admission is based on general performance. The higher your aggregate, the better your chance of securing admission. This is reflected in the merit list, supplementary list, and succeeding batches. Admission is determined by the relevance of your aggregate.

Indigenous candidates have about a 20% advantage. For instance, an indigene with a 70% aggregate might secure admission for a course a non-indigene struggles to get with a 74% aggregate.

Moreover, admission isn’t solely based on your JAMB score. A candidate with a score of 192 may secure admission ahead of a candidate with 290 (keep that in mind).

LASU conducts online screening, not post UTME CBT (you must have a good O-level result). Don’t confuse UNILAG (post UTME) with LASU (screening). The former is a federal university, while the latter is state-owned.

If you want to study courses like nursing, ensure you have about 3 A’s in your O-level to avoid wasting time and money on re-screening and “change of course.”

LASU reserves the right to change your course and stream if you do not meet the criteria before they reach their quota (quota is the number of students they want to take in for a particular course/department).

How to Calculate LASU Aggregate score

If you’re unsure about calculating your LASU aggregate score, follow these steps to gain clarity.

Step 1: Obtain your UTME Point, which is your JAMB score divided by 8.
Step 2: Get your O’level point, which should be over 50%.
Step 3: Calculate your aggregate score by adding your UTME Point and O’level Point.

To illustrate with a practical example:
Let’s say you scored 290 in JAMB and achieved 4 As and 1 B2 in your five compulsory subjects.
Your LASU aggregate score breakdown would be:

  • UTME Point: 290/8 = 36.25%
  • O’level Point: 4 As = 40, B2 = 9, total = 49%
  • Aggregate Score: 36.25% + 49% = 85.25%.

By following these steps, you can determine your LASU aggregate score and assess your chances for admission.

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